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4 Hour Ramona

The Desperate Last Hours of Robert Pastorelli

8 inches wrong
there. i updated my bio. happy now?
"keep out" signs, abandoned velour mines, alba, all things mysterious, anthraquinone blue, antlers, astro boy, badbad movies, batman beyond, bears drinking milk, bioluminescence, black and white photos, blixa bargeld's hair, blue-eyed lemurs, broken watches, chik patties, cobalt blue dreams, cocktail nation, counting to 4, cowboy x, crayons, crepe soled shoes, crispin glover's shoes, crumpled dollar bills, custard pie, david garza, dean martin, disco balls, egg nigiri, extra sharp cheddar cheese, female cyborgs, flintstones meet the jetsons, foggy mornings, foghat cover bands, foucault, genniver, ginger candy, glimmerring, grain belt beer, graveyards, green tea, greuyere, grey nailpolish, h.e.l.p.er, hair gel, hazel o'connor, het nederlands, hourglass figures, ice hotel, impish little sprites, irridescence, jet-age swank, john cusack, labradorite, lester burnham, little green bugs, lukewarm coffee, manta rays, marx brothers, melting snow, moltar, monkeyboy, monkeys on horseback, mountainberry punch kool-aid, neo-romantic vampires, neon signs, octopoda, our stupid fucking president, photo transfer methods, pineapple lifesavers, pink earplugs, pixies, pizza luce, plastic monkeys, poe, prosthetic foreheads, push ups, q-tips, quad skates, rat city rollergirls, rhinestone barettes, roadside prophets, roamin' round, roasted garlic pizza, rockabilly haircuts, roller skating, rolling bass lines, sally bowles, scary monkeys, shiner bock, shrinky dinks, silly japanese candy, smoking monkies, snow, soapbox derbies, solex, staring off into space, steel-toed sandals, suction cups, supernova, swirls, teddyboys, the 'mats, the breeders, the frankfurt school, the kinks, the maillard reaction, theodor adorno, things that are chrome, thinkystuff, tiki, toaster tattoos, toe stops, twangity surf music, vanilla beans, vegetarianism, velour, vibro champs, vintage cashmere sweaters, vintage schwinn bicycles, violets, vodka, vodka tonics, walter benjamin, warm water, waxing and waning, weightlifting, when shit happens, whistlin' past the cemetery, wino: the masquerade, x, zulu hairdresser