8 inches wrong (4hour_ramona) wrote,
8 inches wrong

i'm cranky today.

i hate movember. i think that growing a mustache for charity is a shitty idea, but then i don't like charity events that call for any kind of dog-and-pony-show business. and i especially don't like listening to women complain about their menfolks' tempstaches. i wonder, if there was a charity thing wherein women were encouraged to grow and groom their pit hair, would it get as much dap? i highly doubt it.

my thanksgiving day alone plans have been wrecked.
however, it looks like i'll be flying solo on both christmas and new years, and for at least a week in january.

the cold war kids sound like joan armatrading. nobody should sound like joan armatrading.

no, the muppets should not host the oscars.

and in further unpopular opinion, the whole "it gets better" movement is lame - it encourages passivity and acceptance rather than action. it's not a movement that strengthens the individual or even works towards making things - whatever those things may be - better; it's just patronizing.

stab stab stab.

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